A Visit to Kimball Art Center with Legos and Lines

I recently visited the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah.  The art center features two exhibits.  One of the exhibits includes Lego statues (The Art of the Brick) and the other  encompasses stretched photos to long lines that is titled geolines.  The exhibits are very fun and interesting, but it is not that extensive.  Kimball Art Center is free (donation suggested) and open to the public.  Below are some Vines and a pic of the exhibit.


Where To Go?!

Here I am, at a crossroads in my educational career. Currently, I am weighing three different PhD programs: Illinois, Iowa, and Utah (ECS or ELP). At face value, I would probably choose Illinois because of its prestige and the program is reflective of what I want to study. At Iowa, I would be studying with one of the top scholars in the area of student retention, Ernie Pascarella. At Utah, I am working with a fantastic professor and the Associate Dean of Diversity, Dr. William A. Smith. My interests in the sociology of higher education are aligned with his and I feel extremely comfortable within the college. In addition, I am supported both financially and academically. I am inclined to stay at Utah because of the amazing support, but part of me is leaning toward Illinois partly due to the reputation and possible job prospects after four years. I am still waiting for information on funding at Iowa and Illinois, which is a major component of my final decision. To add to the mess, I am on the waiting list at UCLA and University of Michigan. Where to go?! What to do? Who knows!?

Luckily, I will have my spring break (in Michigan) to contemplate the future and work on the thesis.