Michigan (Wrongly) Clings to Comfort Issues

Sometimes, public opinion is just wrong and the government needs to intervene. The Supreme Court of Michigan obviously does not feel this way.

"An amendment to the state constitution approved by voters in 2004 to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman also prohibits public employers from providing health care and other benefits to the same sex partners of employees, a divided Michigan Supreme Court ruled today."

"The court majority found that language in the amendment prohibiting recognition of other unions “for any purpose” included the extension of benefits to gay and lesbian partners of public employees. Several Michigan universities, including U-M and MSU, along with various municipal and school employers had offered the benefits as a means of attracting workers."

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Racism Review: A Take on Racism in Society

Racism Review    Racism Review is a great blog that provides provocative commentary on the racism ingrained in our current culture.  It is maintained by Joe Feagin and Jessie Daniels.  Occasionally, guest bloggers post (I assume they are graduate students).  As a masters student who is studying the sociology of higher education, this blog is a useful tool in constructing racism's role in our society as it relates to higher education.  Considering Joe Feagin is an esteemed sociologist, this  blog is an invaluable resource to individuals interested  or studying our inherently racist culture.  Racism Review is at the top of my daily reading list and it should be for you.