A Visit to Kimball Art Center with Legos and Lines

I recently visited the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah.  The art center features two exhibits.  One of the exhibits includes Lego statues (The Art of the Brick) and the other  encompasses stretched photos to long lines that is titled geolines.  The exhibits are very fun and interesting, but it is not that extensive.  Kimball Art Center is free (donation suggested) and open to the public.  Below are some Vines and a pic of the exhibit.


My Twitter Archive Is Here...Now What Do I Do?


Just when I had given up hope of ever being able to download the archive of my Tweets a little message directing me to download my Twitter history popped up in my email.  I proceed to download the package of files, but I wanted to host my history somewhere and have the file auto-update.  I came across this handy tutorial on how to host your Tweets on Google Drive and get the file to auto-update.  The tutorial fairly straightforward (video included) and should only take a couple minutes.  Check out my archive here and post the link to your archive in the comments.   

Field Notes: The Utah Edition

Field Notes: The Utah Edition

This is the first notebook I have bought in a while.  I was sick of lugging around a large notebook since I mostly take notes on the computer, but sometimes it is more convenient to write something down.  I knew I did not want the Moleskin notebooks.  I came across Field Notes from Uncrate.  They are handmade in Chicago and they even have subscriptions so you never forget to pickup a new notebook.  They are very portable and come in different types of paper (e.g. lined, graph).  They have different styles that include states, colors, and other themes.  Try them out if you are looking for a small notebook that is unique.  If you are local to Salt Lake City, you can pick them up at Fresh in the 9th and 9th District.